Cobra Petroleum Company
PO Box 136355,
Fort Worth, Texas 76136

Phone:  +1 817 237 5440
FAX:     +1 817 237 8055

Cobra Petroleum Company purchases thousands of mineral interests each year, which has benefit at different levels of mineral ownership. Our efforts reduce the number of mineral owners, thus simplifying the administration of property tax accounts and royalty accounts. Because of our purchases, the oil companies have less royalty owners, fewer royalty checks to mail, less 1099's, less royalty owner questions and in a small way, less overhead. The property taxing agencies also have less accounting and our company probably pays federal taxes at a higher rate than your average mineral owner.

Cobra Petroleum Company welcomes all inquiries from potential sellers and will have your offer ready in a matter of days. We have purchased mineral interests for as little as $25 and have closed millions of dollars in transactions. Cobra is fully funded and can close most transactions submitted through our website in less than a week. Cobra is a small, family owned company and we can move quickly, unlike some of the larger corporate type property buyers.

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